January 25, 2017

Strength and Movement (Fitness) Coaching

Strength and Movement Coaching

We provide evidence based coaching for anyone looking to improve how they move and feel throughout your daily life.  GHP is dedicated to improving your quality of movement, fitness, nutritional intake, and overall feeling of satisfaction in life.  Our Strength and Movement Coaching is centered on overhauling you to be a better you.

At GHP, we TRAIN MOVEMENTS NOT MUSCLES, so every day you come in, your session will be created to improve how strong you are, how well you move, and how much work you can stand to do!  We train in 360 degrees so you push, pull, jump, throw, lunge, IN ALL DIRECTIONS.  This will be an experience like none other!

You’ve found the right place!

Looking to Level Up? Contact donald@ghperformance.com / 412-390-4557 for more information and prices.