September 20, 2016

Sport Performance Coaching

Sport Performance Coaching

We provide evidence based performance training for athletes of all sporting events and those wanting to feel like one.  Our focus is on Movement Quality, Power Output, Nutritional Intake, and the Performance Mindset.   All techniques will be specific to the needs you have for your athletic ability sport!  You will work in 360 degrees to make you well rounded and healthy, reducing back and hip injury risk, while improving at your craft.

We Train to Perform.  Your training is created to improve the athletic qualities you are good at, and even those you need to improve.  We work to improve speed, strength, reactive ability, and movement quality.  A large focus of ours is to decrease your risk of injury.

Movement Quality: Improving your motor control, coordination, reactive speed, and recovery techniques

Power Output: Maximizing the amount force you can produce in a given amount of time

Nutrition Intake: Enhancing your nutritional intake for energy management

Performance Mindset: Gearing athletes with the mental preparedness to take on competition

We also train teams whether it’s professional, high school, college, club, etc!


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